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Riptide PSD Mini I/O Footstop


  • Custom 65d Urethane
  • Colors: Violet, Black, Dark Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green
  • Lightweight: 25 gm
  • Length: 47 mm
  • Width: 49.5 mm
  • Height: 24.8 mm
  • Slot Length: 29.2 mm

Having trouble finding a foot stop that will fit on your skateboard? Are you tired of feeling restricted by oversized heaps of strange and tacky design? To help you find a solution for these problems is the Riptide Mini I/O foot stops!

Less than 2 inches wide and comes in a variety of colors for your pleasure; these little guys will help you correct your riding posture and give you more leverage on your front foot. Adjustable to your liking and grippy on any shoe. They are a must-have if your starting to progress in downhill skating.

Not only that, but since it’s an IN & OUT, it’s reversible so you can really figure out which position you like best. No longer will you have to buy 4 or more footstops to see which is best.

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