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Zenit Longboard UFO Downhill/Freeride


    • Length (in): 32
    • Width (in): 9
    • Wheelbase: 21.75″-22.75″
    • Flex Level: Stiff
    • Plys: 5 plies Canadian Maple, Biaxial Carbon Fiber, Triaxial Fiberglass
    • Construction: Canadian Maple, Carbon Triaxial Fiberglass
    • Concave Style: Radial
    • Concave Depth: Medium

Nicht vorrätig

Skate fast!

The UFO is pressed in the Mini Marble’s mold which gives this deck a compact platform, mellow microdrops and flairs. What’s new with this shape is the large and comfy platform engineered with a smaller width in the middle. All these characteristics will give you an amazing feeling of being locked onto the edges of the deck when you tuck for downhill or when you adopt a freeride stance.

The middle taper, the absence of nose and the small kicktail reduce the weight of the deck and make it aerodynamic. The kicktail isn’t as big as the Mini Marble SK, but you can still use it to easily pick up your deck and that’s what we like about it

What’s inside the board?

Featuring 5 plies of canadian maple, one biaxial carbon fiber layer, two triaxial fiberglass layers to reduce weight, camouflage weave kevlar/carbon fiber for a durable strength, a unidirectional carbon stringer to eliminate longitudinal flex, and an ”X” weave of carbon to make the board stay solid torsionally. And finally, a layer of Zenply to maximise the durability of the deck’s bottom.

Visual design

The graphic is simple and clean with the camouflage carbon/kevlar showing under it and it’s protected by the glossy Zenply© which will last for the whole life of the deck. The kevlar adds some color and strength to the carbon fiber and it also gives a unique and appealing look to the deck. The specs are written with a contrasted color to make them readable and to create a nice noticeable detail in the graphic.

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