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Vicious Griptape | 4 Sheets, 10”x11”


  • 4 Sheet (10″x11″)
  • Medium and Extra Coarse Grit
  • Colors: Black, Red, Clear

Vicious Grip is the number one choice for many of the world’s top professional downhill longboarders.

Vicious is intended to grip, and is designed to be easily applied on top of your already existing grip tape. If you’re looking for grip tape that’s good for dancing, pirouettes, and filing down your nails, look somewhere else. Now, if you’re looking for grip tape that’s good for completely locking your feet in place, pulling carefree standups during thunderstorms, or skinning an armadillo, get yourself some vicious.

Throw this onto your freeride or downhill speed boards for the best result. When cutting Vicious, it is going to be a great idea to have a nice file and sharp blade on hand. Remember, sharp blades are less dangerous than dull blades.


Vicious’ Description

  • Superior grip for cornering, freeriding, speedboarding and sliding, GET VICIOUS!
  • Vicious griptape: made specifically for longboarders.
  • Each pack includes 4 pieces 10”x11” grip and 5 stickers
  • Extra-coarse grit for maximum grip
  • High adhesion pressure sensitive backing can stick on top of your old grip
  • Flexible and contour forming — it works on all downhill deck designs without wrinkling
  • Wraps around edges
  • Water resistant


A Vicious Summer in Europe


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