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Valkyrie Mk2 Downhill Slaloms 115-125mm


Width: 115-125mm
Rake: 5/3
Degree: 45/15

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Agile and grippy characteristics of a narrow truck married with Valkyrie’s patented offset bushing seat technology for a perfect balance of grip and control: the Mk2 Slaloms have been re-imagined with higher, split rake and two width options. After testing a bunch of rake options, we settled on a 5/3 split to make tuck-leaning easier while maintaining a rock-solid feel down any road.


Most popular slalom trucks boast an inline rear axle, which means that if you drew a line between the axles it would go through the center of the bushings. Our coplanar bushing seat design puts the boardside bushing inline with the axles on all our trucks, providing that higher grip and control without needing a unique rear truck.


We have two spaceale axle options to choose from, allowing these trucks to come in 115-125mm or 130-140mm widths.


Trucks ship with RipTide or Venom tall barrels setup for your weight.



  • 7075-T6 Aluminum hanger
  • 17-4 Heat treated stainless steel axles for superior strength and corrosion resistance
  • 303 Stainless axle spacers that wont crush and offer better corrosion resistance than steel.
  • 6061-T6 bases with Mil-spec kingpins, precision ground board side bushing pins, and RipTide WFB pivot tubes.
  • 303 Stainless cupped washers
  • Base angles available: 45, 30 & Adjustable (15-40 in 5 degree increments)

Team Reviews:


“First day with the new slaloms I’ve noticed they feel different than the last protos I had but they felt more responsive, perfect amount of grip and amazing tuck leaning through chicanes. There was a strong tail wind and I was somehow able to tuck lean corners that I sometimes slide going real fast and sliding also felt perfect. Just all around perfect race trucks so far.”

– Chris Bustamante


“I skated the new slalom in DH& freeride and my first thought it’s that they are more fluid. It still the same truck but I feel them more fluid, it turn better in corners. More stable and linear in curves.”

– Ambroise Trauet


“Loving the new 5/3 rake 115-125mm setup and how it has changed from its old model. Lighter and more agile due to the 5 up front while still holding with great stability in the back. I’ve been taking these on a lot of stand up and puck down runs and they’ve passed the test on both from me! 10/10 most fun.”

– Marcus Manera



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