Urethane Burners slide pucks with 7mm SockPad


Diameter: 79mm
Thickness: 15mm + 7mm (with shock pad)

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Urethane Burners slide pucks, (UB pucks) are the first slide pucks on the market with integrated graphics always visibles. These pucks are focused on downhill skateboarding, made with the best UHMW-PE you can find, carved with CNC mill and assembled by ourselves in our headquarters in Madrid (Spain). You can choose between two different formulas:

  • The red ones have a smooth and buttery slide. Most riders who use them confirmed that the pucks offer a perfect mix between grip and slide.
  • The blue UB pucks have more slide than the red ones, but they are not the tipical slidy pucks. You can put your hands over the asphalt with a controlable feeling.

If you want the perfect combo, add UB risers (+8mm) to your UB pucks!


Urethan Burner

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