Seismic Urchin 75mm 80a Yellow


Diameter: 75 mm
Durometer: Yellow 80A Elixer, Red 82A Elixir
Width: 48 mm
Contact patch: 42 mm
Core Position: Offset
Usage: Cruising
Edge Shape: Beveled inner & rounded outer edge


The 75mm Urchin is, according to Seismic a fast freeride wheel. It is poured from their freeride urethane which rides smooth and has a predictable slide. The 75mm however lends itself perfectly for a longboard cruiser if you ask us. That bing said, if they fit your freeride setup, these wheels will leave very bright colored urethane when you slide. But who says you are not allowed to slide on your cruiser longboard, we recommend doing so!



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