Seismic Pucks Flinted Hollow Black



The Seismic Premium Pucks are designed for those that go slide at high speeds. The premium formula can withstand the heat at higher speeds because the material won’t melt due to the fact they have less abrasion with the surface. The Hexagonal shape lets you clock a preferred angle on which you place it on your glove. This hollow version saves up to 40% weight for those who stand-up slide most of the time. With superior durability these will probably last you throughout the racing season or even longer!

With the addition of six big flints your slides are even more impressive and leave sparks on the road! This hollow version doesn’t only save weight, it concentrates pressure on flints which intensifies the sparking!

Size: Outer diameter 82.5mm / 3.25″, inner diameter 30mm / 1.18″ and 12mm / 0.47″ thick.



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