Seismic Alpha | 76a/78a, 80.5x55mm


• Durometer: 76a Mango, 78a Mint
• Diameter: 80.5mm
• Contact Patch: 55mm
• Core Placement: Offset

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80.5mm tall x 55mm wide LDP Trim

Optimal balance of momentum, efficiency, and grip for pushing and pumping speeds!

  • 53mm running surface
  • Bearing seat offset 6.5%
  • Beveled edges
  • 8.75 oz. each

Race wheel engineering at its finest!

  • A highly-optimized balance of properties for modern racing. Welcome to a whole new realm of FAST!
  • Size and momentum to carry you past the competition in straightaways – yet agile enough for quick acceleration, fast edge-to-edge adjustments, and snappy technical pre-drifts.
  • Finely-calibrated widths and supremely supported edges for smooth, predictable handling through even the hardest corners
  • The very fastest urethane that the skateboard industry has ever seen, bar none.
  • Named after the Greek letter “alpha” (α), used in science to represent rotational acceleration.

The Fusion™ core – integrating 15 years of advanced hub R&D.

  • 46mm tall x 44mm wide – the largest and most supportive hub ever seen in a wheel this size.
  • Deep, wide “saddle” profile regulates lateral wheel flex, supercharges edge support, and ensures absolute mechanical lock with the urethane.
  • 8 lateral support beams (hollowed-out for lightness and aesthetics) form wide ridges that create unprecedented circumferential lock and rebound.
  • Robust bearing lugs.
  • Formed from 85D fiber-reinforced thermoplastic – the toughest hub material in the industry.

Available in DEFCON™ high-rebound formula, in two finely-tuned durometer choices.

  • Defcon™: thoroughbred race ‘thane
  • Guinness WR speed
  • Directional slide
  • Long-lasting grip
  • Slow, consistent wear
  • 76a Mango: Vice-like grip and very snappy directional slide, with plenty of slowdown power. Ideal for aggressive racing.
  • 78a Mint: Very stiff edges that give loads of grip with a friendly slide and crisp hookup. Ideal for smooth roads and lighter riders.
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