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Sector 9 Steamrollers | 78a/80a, 73mm


  • Durometer: 78a, 80a
  • Diameter: 73mm
  • Width: 70mm
  • Contact Patch: 70mm
  • Core Placement: Center set
  • Lip Profile: Fat Square Lip
  • Description/Style: Carry your momentum and roll over rough pavement with ease. Race, slide or just cruising. Get your Steam Roll on.

When you think of a steamroller, what do you picture? Something big and burly? Something that will roll over just about anything? The Sector 9 Steamroller longboard skateboard wheel is just that.

Coming in at 73mm tall, with a monstrous 70mm wide contact patch, these behemoths will smooth out the roughest roads on the map. The big fat lips allow you to put them sideways for a comfortable yet predictable slide without all that chatter from a wheel with a smaller outer lip.

Pull em back and feel them re-grip and lock in around the corners. Roll over those cracks, race through those flats, and barrel down the hill with some Sector 9 Steamrollers.


Sector 9 Product Guide: Steam Rollers


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