Rocket Domination I Dominic Schenk Pro


  • Length: 35.82” / 91cm
  • Width: 9.84” / 25cm
  • Wheelbase: 22”–25.2” / 56–64cm
  • Concave: 0.59” / 15mm
  • Spoon Micro Drop: 0.39” / 10mm
  • Material: SFI-certified Canadian maple, Carbon fiber, Embossed ABS topsheet

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The Domination was developed in 2014 with our team rider Dominic Schenk and got refined ever since. A 0.39” spoon micro drop together with a w-concave generates a pocket to lock your front foot. The board has a continuous concave in the area of the micro drop. The micro drop is compensated with a slight rocker at the back of the board. Your back foot is also locked while tucking, thanks to the combination of the w-concave, the rocker and the full concave of 0.59”. The flat 3D kick tail and the mini gas pedals complete this board and make it the perfect all-purpose tool.

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