RAD Barrel Bushings 89a


  • Available in 3 durometers: 86a White, 89a Red, 92a Blue
  • 2 Bushings
  • 2 stamped flat Washers
  • Reusable container
  • 100% R.A.D. American Urethane

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Weight Range Suggestions:

  • 86a White: 90lb–155lb
  • 89a Red: 140lb–190lb
  • 92a Blue: 180lb+


R.A.D. Bushings will give your board the response and feel you have been searching for. Many people underestimate the value of a high performance bushing which is why R.A.D. makes it easy by offering exactly what you need.

Don’t underestimate the effects of premium bushings.

The new Rider Approved Design Bushings are down right amazing! The guys at RAD really know what they are doing. You can see that they put a lot of thought into their bushings. The RAD bushings are lively and they have great response, due to their high-performance urethane. You can feel the response under your feet while maintaining control over the bushing. The new RAD won’t let you down, try them out for yourself!

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