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RAD Adam Persson | 78a, 70mm


  • Durometer: 78a
  • Diameter: 70mm
  • Width: 56mm
  • Core Placement: Offset

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The Rider Approved Designs Adam Persson Influence wheel is an epic addition to an already insanely epic wheel lineup! This wheel comes in at 70mm with a larger offset then the Kelly’s to give you a grippier but still smooth release point. It is 56mm wide (2mm wider than the Advantage), so you’ll have more grip, with even more control.

You won’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll have enough grip to rail that fast chicane. Broken in or not, this wheel will grip all the way to the finish line and back and then some! Now take ’em out to the hills, and see for yourself.


RAD’s Description

Rider Approved Designs introduces the Adam Persson Influence. Taking inspiration from Thor and viking lore, this wheel is meant to bring down the hammer. It features a unique shape, designed to maximize grip in every turn. Push it sideways, and you’ll be controlling your speed so you can make sure you hit that apex. This pro model features the Crown Core, a 70mm diameter and a 56mm contact patch. The small hub offset allows the inner lip to flex for maximum traction making it a good”I like to go fast down hills, freeriding type of wheel.” This wheel is designed to rally any bend you come across. Be bold, be brave, and bring down the hammer with the Adam Persson Influence.


R.A.D. Influence: Adam Persson Pro Wheel


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