Protective Shirt Tahoe Pro A


XS: Body Height 160–165, Torso Length 34–38
S: Body Height 165–170, Torso Length 39–43
M: Body Height 170–180, Torso Length 44–48
L: Body Height 180–185, Torso Length 44–48
XL: Body Height 185–190, Torso Length 49–53

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The Protective Shirt Tahoe Pro A is a short-sleeve fitted spandex base layer with integrated soft-shell protection for a rider’s chest, back, kidneys and shoulders. The fitted shirt features integrated lightweight, soft-shell padding, including shaped shoulder pads and a removable back protector. These flexible pads provide comfortable articulation as well as hardwearing 95% impact energy absorption. The shirt is also breathable and washable and has focused under-arm ventilation for added comfort when a rider gives it their all. Now with full side front zip.


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