Paris V3 180mm 50° Tropic Green Longboard Trucks


  • Suited for size decks: 9″-10″
  • Axel Size: 8mm
  • Hanger Size: 180mm


One of our most popular trucks. The Paris V3 180mm 50° Truck. All you need in a longboard truck. Smooth riding, stronger construction and playful, lively feel.

The Paris V3 series is redesigned and produced using the latest technologies designed by Paris Truck Co. Paris has redesigned the hanger’s barrel and shoulders. Reinforeced the baseplate and modified the kingpins.

Even the bushings and pivotcups have been upgraded. The top conical bushing has a new shape for better support and rebound and the pivot cup is now a 96a hand-poured cup. Providing smooth turning and return to center.

  • Proprietary Alloy Forming Process
  • True T6 Heat Treatment
  • Stronger, Redesigned Hanger
  • SCM440 Alloy Steel Axles
  • Improved 90a Urethane Bushing Formula
  • Redesigned Conical Bushing Shape
  • Lighter, Reinforced Baseplate
  • Redesigned SCM435 Alloy Steel Kingpins
  • 96a Hand Poured Urethane Pivot Cups
  • Matches Ride Height of our 43° Baseplates
  • 50° Baseplate Marker Symbols


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