Luca Longboard Ballar (L) Graphic designed by Maciej Polak


Length: 120cm
Width: 24cm
Wheelbase: 77,3cm – 80,3 cm
Concave: 1cm
Flex: Medium (Flex 2)
Weight: 2,15kg

Nicht vorrätig

Let’s dance !
Ballar is back! Your new love is here and
it’s time for you to invite her to dance!
– revised kick angle
– revised concave
– revised core construction without adding weight to the board
– timber core reinforced with carbon fiber
– 3d print embossed on the graphic
– deeper wheel wells
– improved flex characteristic
– increased flex
– 360° polyurethane sidewalls all around the board

Graphic designed by Maciej Polak


LUCA Longboards

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