Loaded X Pantheon Trip Collab 33″ Drop Through LPD Longboard


  • Length: 84.5cm / 33.25″
  • Width: 22.9cm / 9″

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Loaded Boards and Pantheon Longboards have joined forces after years of friendship and sharing a common passion for long-distance skateboarding. The limited-run Loaded Pantheon Trip Collab integrates the design and manufacturing experience between the brands while also bridging their aesthetic sensibilities. The Trip Collab is a versatile, easy-to-ride board for distance, fitness, and freeride skating that’s perfect for high-level athletes and casual riders alike. t’s well suited for anything from competitive distance racing to long-distance skate treks to casual exercise and commuting thanks to its highly accessible design and ergonomics. The board’s graphic was designed by Eddie Kihm in collaboration with Loaded’s design team. The linework represents the roads connecting Loaded in California with Pantheon in Colorado. The Trip Collab enhances Pantheon’s existing Trip model with elements of Loaded’s signature composite construction such as carbon fiber and cork. A 6-ply maple core is sandwiched between layers of triaxial fiberglass with biaxial carbon fiber bottom and cork top sheets. This layup results in a thin, stiff, and lightweight structure with snappy, responsive flex characteristics and improved vibration damping.


Loaded, Pantheon

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