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Hawgs 78A EZ Hawgs 63mm Teal


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Sometimes it’s all in the name, we designed these wheels to make your time on your skateboard as easy and stress free as possible. Super smooth rolling and super smooth slides with minimal effort are in your future on a set of Easy Hawgs, they really do feel like riding and sliding on clouds thanks to our 78a Ez formula.

Whether you just want to upgrade your wheels for smoother cruising or looking for a wheel for low effort, buttery slides, Easy Hawgs are perfect for you. Measuring 63mm tall and 32mm wide, Easy Hawgs will fit on the majority of longboard and cruiser board setups with no wheelbite issues. The 78a urethane we use on these wheels rolls over pavement imperfections with ease and is specially formulated for super smooth, controllable slides on all types of surfaces. The best part? Easy Hawgs come in nearly endless colour options so you’ll be looking stylish while cruising with ease.



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