Cuei Precision Spacers


Colors: Green, Orange

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The Cuei Wheels precision spacers were created due to the lack of precision in the parts that we find for this purpose in the market and due to the lack of an universal measure of the space between the bearings in the wheel cores. Our spacer is made with micrometra precision, which is above of the normally used measurement, millimeter. They are made to the exact measure of our core, with a perfect fit, which makes this piece unique and makes every movement between the truck, wheel and bearings simultaneous. This improves the slide making it smoother, without chatter, vibration and besides zeroing the loss of energy in straight lines, which results in higher speed. In addition they undergo a painting process called anodizing, which makes our spacer immune to oxidation and increases its resistance so the part is extremely durable. Created and made in Brazil, with a partnership between Cuei Wheels and Dan Hill, available now in the colors green and orange.

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