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Caliber 2 184mm 50° Midnight Satin Blue Longboard Truck


  • Set of 2 Trucks
  • Width : 184mm
  • Baseplate Angle : 50°
  • Bushing Durometer : 89a

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We recommend the Caliber II “Fifty Cal.” and “Forty-Four” Longboard Trucks for top mount longboards. With certain wheel choices, they may cause wheelbite on drop through decks.

The Caliber II Longboard Skateboard Truck is Caliber Truck Co.’s interpretation of what a cast reverse kingpin downhill truck should be. NOW UPDATED the Caliber II’ s now have a better bushing seat, increased strength, and are manufactured under tighter tolerances. Same great look and feel, except now even better for all DH/ Freeriding needs.

We’ve busted huge slides down hills and thrown ourselves off nicely sized launch ramps to make sure these trucks are sturdy, and they do not disappoint. If you’re into DH and freeride, the stock bushings on the 44 Cals should be just fine.

If you’re the carving and cruising type, check out Caliber’s “Fifty Cal” Downhill Longboard Truck. If you’re into DH and freeride, grab 2 packs of stiffer double barrel bushings from Venom or Riptide. If you’re the carving and cruising type, the stock bushings should be just fine.


Caliber Truck Co. Featuring Liam Morgan


Caliber 2 Trucks: A precision feel now available in cast

Updated Inner/Outer Steps on Bushing Seat: The new Inner-Step provides an increased contact area with the bushing, resulting in dramatically higher rebound and overall responsiveness. The Inner-Step diameter has been adjusted to 25.4mm to eliminate all slop.

The new Outer-Step is now a perfect circle with a 31.5mm diameter, creating a perfect no-slop-fit with oversized aftermarket bushing combinations.

Pivot With Tighter and Updated Chamfer: By decreasing our pivot cup seat chamfer, we have increased pivot cup surface area contact with the baseplate. This creates a snugger fit for the pivot pin and prevents side-to-side play as the pivot cup breaks in.

Circular Kingpin Hole With Updated Diameter: With a diameter of 17.4mm, our kingpin hole has been updated to match the specs of out precision trucks. A circular hole provides a consistent and uniform lean, while also allowing proper clearance to avoid kingpin bit on the hanger.

Increased Truck Strength: With a new in-house heat treatment process at our manufacturing facility, we were able to strengthen our trucks by as much as 40%.

Pressed-In Grade 8 Hex Head Kingpin: We have removed all slop and play by switching to a pressed-in kingpin. This provides maximum control and responsiveness through corners, but can still be hammered out and replaced with different length removable kingpins for extra levels of customization.

Reinforced Baseplate: We have reinforced our baseplate by thickening the metal towards the kingpin. This provides increased strength and resistance against high speed impact.

Thinner Paints for Tightened Tolerances: Powder coats are very thick and can throw off tolerances and effect overall truck performance. We have switched over to a thinner paint system that has virtually no impact on performance.

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