ABEC 11 Big Zigs Lime Reflex | 80a, 75mm


  • Durometer: 80a
  • Diameter: 75mm
  • Width: 53mm
  • Contact Patch: 56mm
  • Core Placement: Offset
  • Lip Profile: Sharp
  • Discipline: Downhill, Carving
  • To Sum It Up: A classic downhill longboarding wheel… With good reason.

Nicht vorrätig

Abec 11 is known for it innovative urethane technology, with the creation of the 75mm Retro Big Zig longboard skateboard wheel, winning races is now very possible for anyone. 75mm Big Zig longboard skateboard wheels have won the most downhill contests today. The Reflex Formula is a higher rebounding formula than that of the past.

Big Zigs can be used used for all types of longboarding like carving and cruising, speed, pumping, and slalom racing to name just a few disciplines. Many longboarders choose to use the 75mm Big Zig longboard wheel with most Downhill Drop longboards and drop-through longboards like the Loaded Dervish. College campuses are being swarmed with green longboard wheels! It’s spreading like the plague! Careful it might catch up with you…


De La Cruz – Abec 11 Reflex X Kurativo


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